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welcome to fyredrake.net

This is the official website of Sonia Leong, UK-based professional artist, illustrator and author specialising in anime / manga styles.

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Birmingham Comic Fest, 23 Apr 2016
Oxford Shakespeare, Story Museum, 30 Apr 2016
London MCM Comic Con, 27-29 May 2016
Comic Con Leicester, 4-5 Jun 2016
London Anime Gaming Con, 2-3 Jul 2016
Shrewsbury Int Comic Art Fest, 15-17 Jul 2016
Manchester MCM Comic Con, 30-31 Jul 2016
Preston Comic Con, 6 Aug 2016
Cardiff Anime Gaming Con, 20-21 Aug 2016
Melksham Comic Con, 27-28 Aug 2016
ICE Birmingham, 10 Sep 2016

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current news 2016~04~02

Sorry that it's been such a long time since I last updated XD But life got super busy, and it still is!

USA customers Ad

Fans/customers in USA: I have a special deal available, as I have leftover stock from SakuraCon in Seattle, it is ALL SIGNED, RARE UK-EDITIONS of my books, with US Domestic shipping included. Please email if you are interested and I can Paypal invoice you! For full details on how to order, head to my Tumblr post with instructions.

Please note that I have a PATREON account! This is a subscription service that lets you pledge as little as USD$1 a month to help me create original works like Manga Mama, The Chronicles of Ciel, FujoFujo! and Love Stuffing! Patrons who pledge as little as $1 a month will get exclusive access to more WIP shots, sketches, full sized artwork releases and secret videos! And if you pledge $3 or more, there are more rewards, like wallpapers, even more hi-res artworks, signed prints and bespoke sketch requests! Head here if you are interested: www.patreon.com/sonialeong

I have a little YouTube channel! I will update it whenever I have time. This is part of what I want to use to reward my fans and Patrons, little screencasts of me working on my artwork from my original series and talking you through my thought processes, and mini tutorials and stuff! Subscribe to my channel at youtube.com/user/fyredrakemagick! Clicking through any ads on my videos is also helpful for me to earn revenue too.

Chronicles of Ciel Ad

A Brush With Magic (6.99) - my fully illustrated fantasy light novel!
The Colours Of Magic (10) - the full colour accompanying artbook!
A Brush With Magic SIGNED PACK WITH PRINT (20) - both books signed with an A4 PRINT!

You can also buy A Brush With Magic from Amazon as well, but whenever you can, please buy direct from Sweatdrop's store as we don't lose out on seller fees.

If you want to read about the making of these books, see my Tumblr's (brushmagic) tagged posts. The sequel will be A Spell Of Scarlet (spellofscarlet) and the series of books as a whole is called The Chronicles of Ciel (chroniclesofciel)

Lots of my stuff is on special offer from Sweatdrop Studios' online store!
Buy the complete collection of Aya Takeo vols.1-3 for 20!
Buy Once Upon a Time for only 5.00!

For help and advice on drawng Manga, check out Draw Manga: Complete Skills which also has 28 video tutorials on top! I also write free online tutorials for Letraset's blog on drawing Manga Characters.

FujoFujo! is hosted on SmackJeeves and updates on Tuesdays when I have time. I also intend to get volume 2 done of Love Stuffing soon!

I created a short manga about the 2014 Aygo for Toyota UK. Head to my Tumblr blog post to read all about it!

Remember that if you want to keep up-to-the-minute with anything I do, make sure to check out my Twitter, Tumblr or for the odd sketch and things, my deviantArt page! To catch up on past news, please read my Tumblr #fyredrakenetnews entries.

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